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How We Work

WLJH's focus is on education and capacity building for women lawyers. To accomplish its mission it relies heavily on volunteer and pro bono contributions from legal and other professionals. It does not work alone but collaborates with other organizations and global networks to source professionals and funds to do the work that does not fall within our scope of focus. To ensure sustainability of the educational programs and their benefits, WLJH works with national organizations to build institutional and individual capacity.

For example, through Pro Bono Law Alberta's network, legal counsel was appointed to incorporate and apply for charitable tax status for WLJH. Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan's network led to the appointment of legal counsel for WLJH's ongoing corporate matters. WLJH will continue to access these networks and others, such as Thomson Reuter's TrustLaw Connect of which it is a member, for its own legal matters as they arise.

To source international curriculum developers and trainers for its practical legal education programs, WLJH taps into existing networks such, as PILnet Europe's Global House List, that connect us to lawyers across the world. Lawyers and other professionals from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada have already accepted pro bono assignments to develop and deliver WLJH curriculum modules. The British Council-Nepal has developed a tailor-made English language program for WLJH interns which will be delivered by professionals sourced and managed by the British Council over the 3 year internship period.

WLJH's network of non-legal professional volunteers have contributed to administrative duties, research, website development, the development of program evaluation, monitoring and measurement tools, the development of human resource practices and processes related to, among other matters, the recruitment and selection of WLJH interns, and governance.

WLJH has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nepal Bar Association - the leading legal organization in Nepal-- to deliver WLJH programming. This collaboration will provide the NBA, as well as individual Nepali lawyers, with the necessary tools and increased capacity to teach this curriculum to all other lawyers in Nepal.

For a complete list of our current partners, visit our Partners page

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